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Jim Phillips will discuss new changes to the IEEE 1584-2018. How does it affect facilities electrically? What can we expect in the future? How do we work on energized equipment when the label states DANGER (above 40 cal/cm2)? What are some mitigation techniques to reduce the incident energy? This meeting is on Webex. Please register to the following to get the webex invite:

People Analytics Data and AI


Tech Talk with Cheryl Christensen on People Analytics Data and Artificial Intelligence - Staying ahead of the rapid changing technology in our industry. Join us for the June Tech Talk (Live Stream) IEEE Consultant Network Seattle. Cheryl Christensen will be speaking on People Analytics Data and Artificial Intelligence. A recent graduate of the Harvard Business Analytics Program she will provide insights on how consultant firms can use People Analytics which include data and artificial intelligence in today's rapid changing tech…

Electrical Testing: What is it and why do we need it?


Join us for a presentation on Electrical Testing. We will discuss: As electrical designers and contractors why do we need Electrical testing? What are some types of acceptance testing (i.e., grounding/bonding, generator startup, insulation resistance, circuit breaker injection testing)? What type of testing is required for existing facilities NFPA 70B? How often should testing be done (i.e., daily, monthly, yearly)? Who is best qualified to do the electrical testing? What does electrical commissioning entail? Register here: Date: 19 Jun 2020…