On Friday, March 11th 2016, IEEE YP and IEEE PES Seattle YP hosted an event at Laser Quest in Federal Way. We were honored to have Mr. Tom Nugent, co-founder of Lasermotive, join us at Laser Quest for a talk about laser technologies. Lasermotive is an engineering firm developing technologies for efficiently transmitting power via lasers via a form of wireless energy transfer commonly called “laser power beaming“. Energy will be sent through air or the vacuum of space to a photovoltaic receiver, where it is converted back into electricity.

11 IEEE members attended the event. We discussed laser technologies with Ted Nugent for 30 minutes and had two 15-minute laser tag games.

During the first game, it was every man for himself. This proved to not be an effective strategy. On the second game, IEEE members teamed up. The games were a great bonding experience and we concluded the night laughing and having a great time.

Group photos follow: